Some photos and videos from along the our journey. We will be adding as we go!

Television links

My official announcement was on BEK with No Apologies with Lori!

One on One with The Dakotan: Marvin Lepp Secretary of State Candidate

Ladies of Another View April 27th, 2022

Print / Online News Releases

InForum interview

The Dakotan Announcement


Great Talk with Rick Jensen and the Mix (KHND Harvey)

KFYR KAFE Freedom Friday with Todd Mitchell

The Jay Thomas Show

Lives (Scroll over title for link)

Who is Marvin? April 6th, 2022

How About Some Q and A? April 8th, 2022

Blizzard day 2 2022. April 13th, 2022

Good Friday Discussion. April 15th, 2022

Get Out and Vote! April 19th, 2022

Weekend Plans.

Random Observations. April 28th, 2022