Coming to the decision

My wife and I had spoken a little about what my dinner conversation revolved around that evening when I came home. She listened to my frustration about the entire situation asking questions here and there, but mostly just letting me vent.

The next three days, I did something I hadn’t done in almost a year. I logged back into Facebook, Twitter, and my other social media accounts and started reading. I went back and re-read all the emails that I had received from friends and family.

Sunday, March 13th, we went to church and listened to our pastor finish an amazing series on ‘The Armor of God’ Ephesians 6:10-18. After church, we came home and made breakfast and started on a project we had going on in our dining room. While we were working, we talked about the sermon, amongst other things, our little girl came running into the dining room and said, “‘Come and follow me,’ Jesus said, Matthew 4:19.” It wasn’t just once, she repeated it close to half a dozen times and went back to playing.

We discussed what had happened, my wife telling me it was our daughter’s bible verse in Sunday school. About an hour later, I looked at my wife, on our anniversary, and said, “I’m running for office.” There was silence for a minute. She looked at me and asked, “Which office?”

“Secretary of State” I said. There was another long pause, “Are you mad?” I asked.

“No, I knew something was coming I just didn’t know what. Why Secretary of State?”

After her response, I spent the next twenty minutes going through a plethora of reasons as to why I was running for that position. It really came back to the same response, it is the most important race in North Dakota this election season and it should not go unchallenged. (I’m not discounting our Senate Race, as that is a whole different animal and on a much larger scale.)

“Okay so what next.” She asked.

I sent a message to a friend and all it said was, “I’m running for Secretary of State.”

My friend called an hour later that lead to an hour-long conversation about what I needed to get started, and how the process worked. The only hang up at that point was timing. I was 5 days too late to submit my name to the convention for consideration.

The next morning when I got up was when this process really starts. Since this is one of the first steps to address once I’m in office, I will go over it in more detail in the next segment.

Have an Amazing Day.

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