Why I want to serve North Dakota.

Hello, my name is Marvin Lepp. Please allow me a moment to introduce myself. I am a proud, born and raised, North Dakotan originally from the tiny town of Lehr. My family moved to the Bismarck area when I was 5.

Growing up ranching teaches you hard work and dedication. You learn to pray for rain, pray for snow, and pray there isn’t a badger in the hole you’re driving a fence post next to.

You knew when it was lunch when Paul Harvey came on at noon. You always knew the time when he came on in the afternoon with “The Rest of the Story”. You knew “So God made a Farmer” by heart.

With how hard I worked, I spent just as much time with my nose in a book learning. Anytime dad went to the Capitol, you would find me in the State Library or Heritage Center.

Over the years since I left the ranch, I have worked in multiple industries. Employed by both family owned companies, as well as corporate enterprises. These experiences have given me a better understanding of many aspects of the business world.

With that said, there comes a time in every person’s life where you reach a crossroad. A point where you have to do something.

Not something you want to do because its easy, but because it is the right thing to do.

That is why, with the blessing of my wife and my two amazing daughters, I am standing up to protect North Dakota as your next Secretary of State.

There is no greater state than North Dakota. I want to bring us back on track to what we are known for. We are hardworking, honest, dedicated, stoic people.

I understand that this is truly a tremendous task that I am undertaking. I am doing this with a humble heart so that with wisdom and guidance we can achieve this together.

Where I plan to start as Secretary of State.




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